Valley Voices
Brewer: Arizona seniors deserve a future of economic security

Arizona seniors deserve to enjoy a future of economic security and prosperity for many years to come — and it’s imperative that we elect political leaders who have what it takes to build …

McKinney: Stop Arizona police brutality, debate Sen. Tim Scott’s bill

Wilson: Calls for civility in discourse

Lux: Responds to rebuttal on mail ballots


Payne: Don’t let them ‘California’ our Arizona

We’re seeing millions of dollars flow into Arizona campaigns from California in an effort to change our Legislature and state policies to mirror California’s. Given California’s …

Broyles: Calls out division, animosity

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nation as divided as ours, which only benefits our adversaries and enemy nations alike. This has become an “uncivil” war, with President Trump …
Glenn Hamer

Hamer: I endorse Schweikert for U.S. House

I am proud to endorse Rep. David Schweikert to represent Arizona’s 6th Congressional District.
Joe Freeman

Freeman: I support Tipirneni for Congressional District 6

Arizonans are already casting their ballots, and voters in Arizona’s 6th Congressional District have a special opportunity this election cycle to send a fresh voice — Hiral …
Amy Coney Barrett

Andrews: Calls for confirmation of Barrett

I hope we soon see Amy Coney Barrett confirmed as an associate justice on our nation’s highest court. She then will be the third justice placed on the court of last resort by our president. …
Mary Kathleen Honne

Honne: Vote to restore integrity, accountability to Legislature

Mary Kathleen Honne is a lifelong Arizonan who grew up in Southern Arizona and has been married to her high school sweetheart for 27 years.
Wendy Garcia

Garcia: I will work only for you in Legislative District 22

Dear Northwest Valley neighbor: My name is Wendy Garcia. I am an experienced radio news director and the mother of two. I founded Indivisible Surprise and helped organize Save Our Schools locally. …

Wagner: Makes plea to vote against Cali liberals

I spent most of my life in California and never thought I would leave. But I left for good in 2016 simply because the liberal, one-party state government drove me out. If you have never lived in a …
Bobby Boland

Boland: Are earbuds putting your health at risk?

We’ll leave the social implications of this auditory isolation for another discussion, but how worried should you be that your earbuds are causing long-term hearing loss?

Megee: Why don't more people wear masks?

In reply to the comment by Paul Playford (“Too many ignore mask mandates,” Daily Independent, Oct. 12, 2020), we have to agree with him and his wife regarding the lack of people wearing …