OHOA calls for members in Sun City West


The Organization of HOAs in Sun City West is looking for a few — or a lot — more members and a treasurer.

OHOA is in place to inform, educate and support the 105 homeowners associations now within the Sun City boundary. The remaining community members not living within an HOA operate under the covenants, conditions and Restrictions of the single-family house. Those CC&Rs are enforced by the Recreation Centers of Sun City West.

During the board’s Feb. 5 meeting, the board discussed membership, seminar surveys and a potential upcoming vendor fair this coming fall.

Membership is up to 55 for OHOA-Sun City West, which is where office manager Tona Carruthers said the organization was at this time last year.

“Three HOAs I have worked with have not ever been members and they joined, and five HOAs that did not join last year rejoined this year,” she said.

Surveys returned from the previous seminar provided feedback to the board on how to improve or better reach those in attendance. Handouts during seminars are costly, but those in attendance are encouraged to reach out to the presenter themselves through the contact information provided to ensure all questions can be answered.

The board also discussed the upcoming April seminar and hopes to move forward with a roofing topic. Chairman Rodger DeBritz said having someone there to facilitate and answer questions from the community is important.

“Preservation of assets and protecting yourself is important to the community,” he said. “They can provide a knowledge base so homeowners can be proactive if something does happen. If we have strong winds this summer and sections of the roof are affected, they will be armed with information on how to move forward with any sort of repairs, whether it’s the whole thing or just a portion. We don’t want anyone to get taken advantage of and if they can be proactive that will help.”

The discussion on a vendor fair, including which types of vendors would attend, focused on ensuring they are licensed and bonded and truly vetted.

Additionally, the board is seeking a treasurer and calling on new members to join the organization. Anyone interested in becoming a member and serving on the board can attend an upcoming board meeting conducted the first Tuesday of every month and discuss their interest in joining the organization. The next meeting is 10 a.m. Tuesday, March 3 in the board room at the Sun City West Foundation Building, 14465 R.H. Johnson Blvd.

Ms. Carruthers said most homeowners should read all the CC&Rs regardless of where they live.

“There’s laws governing, and I try to educate people on who has precedence whether its federal, state, Maricopa County, Sun City West and their own CC&Rs, bylaws and rules and regulations,” she said.

The organization offers special training and seven seminars per year to those paid members conducted on the first Thursday of the month through April and beginning again in October. Additionally, they can go into the office in the Foundation building to seek out information. Members also receive monthly newsletters and new members are recruited.

The organization was created in 1978 and is dedicated to providing HOA board members with educational materials to be effective HOA board members, according to Ms. Carruthers. Two leadership training academies are also offered for new, current and potential HOA board members.

The organization encourages community members having issues in their particular HOA to call the OHOA office, 623-214-6006. While the agency has no legal authority, officials can and will provide information to aid in the resolution of residents’ issue.

Visit ohoa-scw.org.