Opinions with Civility

Guest Commentary: The community that changed a nation

Most people know Sun City and Sun City West as great places to live. Originally catering to retirees, these days seniors still working are as much the norm as not.
Kathy Chandler

Guest Commentary: NVC serves needs of community

Across the country and our communities, people are isolated because of social distancing, a COVID-19 health and safety practice to prevent contracting the virus.
Hugh Duncan

Guest Commentary: Multiple tax credits available to residents

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Wheat: Open centers, let people make choices

Let’s open the rec centers and let those that want to come do so and let others that are concerned about the virus stay away.

Bump: Time to be united in this country

We bought a house in Sun City West in 2012.

Farnard: Resident appreciates rock painting

Positive news! Thank you to the artists who painted the rocks on Sunland Drive at the intersection of Agua Fria Drive.
Jim Mathewson

Mathewson: I cheated at "Jeopardy" and it still makes me laugh

The recent passing of "Jeopardy" host Alex Trebec has sparked a flood of tributes for him and the game show itself.  Former contestants and celebrities who've competed there have shared numerous …

Ezratty: Medicare open enrollment marches on

Question: I will turn 65 in February. Because of COVID-19, I can’t seem to find anyone in person at the community centers. Any suggestions?
PORA Communications Director Cynthia Young

Guest Commentary: PORA working on ways to connect

With the pandemic upon us, information is changing rapidly. We have been working hard at PORA to get out timely and accurate updates and news.

Chamber wants politicians to focus on relief

With the election behind us, now is the time for governing, and there is no shortage of issues that demand Washington’s and our state’s attention.

Resident urges others to clean yards

I just want to ask homeowners of our retirement communities that before the weather really cools off, please use the time wisely to clean up your front yards, get rid of dead and tired decades old foliage.
Gary Cohen

Guest Commentary: We need to reunite in community

On this Veterans Day week we must not only honor all of those living in Sun City West and all across the country who served in our Armed Forces, we must also remember what they fought for and who they have fought for — the United States of America, with emphasis on United.

Gillmeister: Reader extends welcome

Id like to welcome Penny Hunger (“Reader wants to get human connections,” Sun City West Independent, Oct. 28, 2020) to Sun City West and thank her for the kind opinion she expressed.

Ezratty: Medicare questions answered for enrollment

Question: I’m getting advertisements indicating this is the time to evaluate Medicare’s Part D drug coverage. How do I do this?

Gibson: Stop throwing packages on Deer Valley

To the person who smokes “Swisher Sweets” cigars, please do not use Deer Valley Road near Deer Valley Golf Course to dispose of your empty cigar packages, which I have picked up for the past year.

Boehnlein: Groups get start from interest

This is regarding the person who thinks the clubs in Sun City West do not suit her needs.

O'Malley: Do not live in fear of COVID-19

During this COVID-19 scare, many live in fear. As a Christian, I remind people to remember that scripture says 365 times, “Do not fear.” One for each day of the year.

Reilly: Sun City West is truly wonderful

Thank you, thank you and thank you to our friends and neighbors in Sun City West!

Krause: Not everyone can see SCW value

Hey, thanks for the agreers and the disagreers,

Jones: Trump signs painted with obscenity

While driving around on R.H. Johnson Boulevard this Saturday morning (Oct. 24) before many were even up, I noticed something that completely baffled me.

Hunger: Reader wants to get human connections

Hi Andrew, this letter is in response to your letter (“Much remains the same In Sun City West,” Sun City West Independent, Oct. 21, 2020).

Gross: Certain groups should not push politics

I’ve been seeing the Sun City West PRIDES driving about with political signs on their carts.

Ezratty: SHIP counselor gives Medicare answers for Sun Cities residents

Question One: Mrs. G was in tears a few weeks ago when she called me saying, “I hope you can help me.” Mrs. G has a Medigap plan and has been pleased with it for years.

Underhill: Seems to be a contest for signs

Mr. Tom Scott (“Only one side to blame,” Sun City West Independent, Oct. 14, 2020) stated that only Trump supporters are having their signs stolen, so the perpetrators must be Democrats.

Thompson: Future of community is young money

In a letter to the Editor (“Reader offers reason for dissatisfaction,” Sun City West Independent, Oct. 7, 2020), Laura Krause, a 60-year-old resident of Sun City West, told General Manager Bill Schwind the community was uninviting for the younger generation, and the facilities felt antiquated.

Van Cott: Sun City West is still at top of list

Sun City West remains a great value, contrary to recent complaints.
Gary Cohen

GUEST COMMENTARY: Residents should prepare for “Twin-Demic”

As I have been urged by my health care provider, I urge you, my fellow Sun City West residents, to get a flu shot.

Seawall: Track lighting should be on longer

I’ve been a Sun City West resident since 1991.

Ezratty: Medicare questions and answers for the Sun Cities

Question: I hear people talking about Medicare Open Enrollment. I am over 65 and enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan. Do I have to re-enroll for 2021?

Curley: Resident offers idea to help some voters

I have an idea for the good people.
Hugh Duncan is Sun City Community Assistance Network board president.

Guest Commentary: Residents could get free Medicare

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Scott: Only one side to blame

Having just read “Nasty politics…” in my latest Independent, it has become quite clear why there is so much uncivil and hateful behavior.

Ladera: Signs stealing breaks state laws

On Friday, Oct. 2, while waiting to make a left turn off of Brookside onto Del Webb, I witnessed a guy on his golf car park at the center divider, get out and grab the Biden-Harris sign that was there - he started to rip it up but decided to drive away with it. By the time I got my phone out to take a picture of him taking the sign he had already driven by me.

Hawn: Letter writers miss point of SCW, pandemic

Appearing on the same opinion pages as my published letter in the Oct. 7 issue of the Sun City West Independent were two letters that “bothered” me, for want of a stronger word. All three were about the same length — rather long.

Lewellen: Plenty of other places to live

In reading your Letter to the Editor, in today’s Independent, I find your letter insulting and mean spirited

Johnsen: Change only happens by involvement

In response to Laura Krause letter in the October 7 Independent: Laura, it sounds like you aren’t happy in Sun City West and have bought your home in the wrong community.

Flathue: Residents just wanted token gesture

I appreciated David Wieland’s explanation (“No legal obligation for refunds,” Sun City West Independent, Sept. 30, 2020) regarding assessment refunds due to facilities closures.

Krause: Reader offers reason for dissatisfaction

I live in Sun City West, am 60 years old, read the Independent weekly and would like to give Bill Schwind some clues about why people my age are not moving here and why the likes of us that did are dissatisfied.

Hawn: Election makes residents keep to themselves

As a Sun City West resident for 29 years, I’m deeply troubled by the direction we’re heading and it’s getting worse with each day’s front-page headline.

Shall: Reader had yard items stolen

Some time between 9 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. Sept. 19-20 a person or persons stopped by and stole four solar lights out of my front yard.

Shall: Reader had yard items stolen

Some time between 9 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. Sept. 19-20 a person or persons stopped by and stole four solar lights out of my front yard.

Wieland: No legal obligation for refunds

This is response to the numerous letters on the topic refunds of property assessments due to facility closures in Sun City.

Wieland: No legal obligation for refunds

This is response to the numerous letters on the topic refunds of property assessments due to facility closures in Sun City.

Martin: Where were masks for board members?

On the front page of the Sept. 23 edition of the Sun City West Independent newspaper there is a photograph reported to be of the Recreation Centers of Sun City West governing board along with the general manager.

Swanson: Cruise set to support law enforcement

As I turned on the evening news I learned that tragically two more law enforcement officers were shot today in the line of duty — this time in Louisville.

Swanson: Cruise set to support law enforcement

As I turned on the evening news, I learned that tragically two more law enforcement officers were shot today in the line of duty — this time in Louisville. Anyone in law enforcement today …

Van Roekel: Bicyclists must follow rules of the road

Due to the closure of the Sun City recreation centers I have been riding my bike for exercise.

Lux: Masks help protect others virus

A virus needs a new host to reproduce.

Lee: Write agrees with tips for palm trimming

There was a letter written from Duane F. Gerstenberger (“Get rid of ugly palm trees in Sun City West, Sun City West Independent, Sept. 2, 2020), who gave some very good tips on trimming and caring for the palm trees in Sun City West.
103.1 KSCW Rec Center Show host

Guest Commentary: Deeper meaning for high holy days

For those of the Jewish faith in Sun City West and around the world, it is the holiday of Passover when the question is asked, “Why is this night different.” But as the Jewish High Holy Days arrive this week, that question can be raised again, given the impact of COVID-19.

Ammeson: Resident gives answers to letter writers

At times I feel the Letters To The Editor must be written by residents who do nothing all day.

Amato: Sun City ladies were very helpful

Last week, while driving my golf car on Boswell Boulevard and Pleasant Valley Road, my back tire went flat.

Weber: Agrees golfers should obey course rules

Kudos to you Pam (“Players not being very considerate,” Sun City West Independent, Sept. 9, 2020).

Voorhees: Pay attention to irrigation systems

On my daily bicycle rides around Sun City West I often see water running into, and sometimes down, the street from residential yards.

Hug: Knights thank agencies for assistance

We wish to thank the generosity of the residents in the Sun City West and surrounding areas for helping to make our “Leave No Neighbor Behind Food Drive” a great success.

Folland: Reader urges use of bags for pet debris

Here is a suggestion tor dog walkers.
Nora O’Malley, a Sun City resident, is a writer, coach and encourager.

Guest Commentary: Importance of knowing safe surroundings

Do you know a safe person when you see one? Do you know the signs of an unsafe person?

O'Malley: Importance of knowing safe surroundings

Do you know a safe person when you see one? Do you know the signs of an unsafe person?

Fairall: Vacation renters are back in SCW

The short-term vacation renters are back with children in Sun City West.

French: Green plants make Valley appealing

I kind of want to put my two cents in on these two fellows who want the tall palm trees taken down.

Lake: Players not being very considerate

I’ve been compelled to write this opinion for a long time and finally have the nerve to actually do it.

Hug: Knights thank agencies for assistance

We wish to thank the generosity of the residents in the Sun City West and surrounding areas for helping to make our “Leave No Neighbor Behind Food Drive” a great success.

Gerstenberger: Get rid of ugly palm trees in Sun City West

There have been several recent letters about palms.
This photo was taken at R.H. Johnson pool prior to social distancing guidelines were put in place.

Sandmaier: Even CDC says no masks in water

Everyone seems to agree that we should listen to scientists.

Fields: Rec centers board makes residents target

Ask yourself, why did almost all the mass shootings occur in gun free zones (schools, churches, etc.)?

Van Cott: RCSCW continues to improve appearance

Recent letters to the Independent about Sun City West trees seem to provide more heat than light. Perhaps the following will be constructive.

AFMA Governing Board: SCW resident misunderstands rate calculations

The undersigned are responding to Don Killian and his letter (“Tax values not as they might appear,” Sun City West Independent, Aug. 12, 2020).

Beresky & Shelley: Residents love community’s palm trees

We are thankful for a quiet, safe and peaceful place to live where there are palm trees.

Brucher: Expand use to attract younger people

This would free up human resources, saving time and money.

Johnson: Disturbed by letter about wearing masks

I found the letter (“Don not come to pool if sick,” Sun City West Independent, Aug. 5, 2020) disturbing.
PORA Governing Board Member Bob Miller

Miller featured in PORA spotlight

Today’s PORA Spotlight allows us to check in with Bob Miller, PORA board vice president and Government Relations Committee chairman.

Dugan: Other options for those who don’t like trees

Thank you Mary Lee (“Ask residents whether they want palms,” Sun City West Independent, Aug. 12, 2020) for your response to Jim Petrell (“Agree that palm trees should go, Sun City West Independent, Aug. 5, 2020) saying we should remove these “worthless trees.”
Michelle Lind

Lind: Implementation of tenant/landlord assistance programs is critical

Arizona businesses continue to be affected by the economic impact of COVID-19. Particularly hard-hit are those individuals whose business is the ownership and management of rental homes throughout …
Ed McClelland

McClelland: When it comes to mental health, race matters

As a Black man who has worked in the community behavioral health industry for more than 30 years, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen the struggles that individuals and family members go …

Hawn: Resident offers ideas for SCW palm trees

I’ve missed walking around the circular second-level track at the Palm Ridge Recreation Center during the shutdown, not only for the exercise but also the sprawling views with each of the 13 …

Klein: Reader gives praise for writer’s ideas

Kudos to George Simousek (“Why don’t all opinions matter?” Sun City West Independent, Aug. 12, 2020) for his response to some of the more “liberal” ladies here in Sun City West.

Hall: Palms give SCW stately appearance

There was a letter to the editor (“Agree that palm trees should go,” Sun City Independent, Aug. 5, 2020) saying something to the effect to cut down the palm trees because they serve no purpose.

Schreibman: Caring people really do exist in SCW

At a time when the coronavirus has impacted us all, there are always those caring and humane individuals who stand out in improving life.
103.1 FM KSCW Rec Center Show Host Gary Cohen

Guest Commentary: Historic milestones noted for this month

August is filled with historic milestones — three that changed the world and one that changed the U.S. political landscape.

Killian: Tax values not as they might appear

In this article (“AFMA adopts 2020-21 budget,” Sun City West Independent, July 29, 2020), Arizona Fire & Medical Authority Assistant Chief Mary Dalton pats her organization on the back for keeping the tax rate being applied to residents assessed full cash value at $2.86 but fails to disclose the significant increase in revenue the AFMA will get for the 2020-21 tax year.

Simousek: Why don't all opinions matter?

In response to Cindy McFadden and Christie Brown (“There is no need for divisive letters,” Sun City West Independent, July 22, 2020), I apologize for being snarky.

Lee: Ask residents whether they want palms

In response to the “removal of palm trees” opinion (“Agree that palm tress should go,” Sun City West Independent, Aug. 5, 2020), my husband and I have lived in Sun City West for many years and we have so enjoyed the beauty of the tall palm trees gracing our streets and golf courses.
Sun City West Posse Commander Myron Finegold

Guest Commentary: What it's like patrolling SCW streets

It’s Monday at 10 a.m. I enter the Sun City West Posse building as I am working the afternoon shift.

Goncalves: Reader takes exception to letter remarks

A letter was recently published (“No need for divisive letters,” Sun City West Independent, July 22, 2020) about divisive letters.
Dr. Kristen Bishop

Bishop: Our bodies are designed to fight off viruses – and they do it every day

Valley residents are continuing to work through the slight declining trend of COVID-19, many are still concerned about the safety of themselves and their families.

Zmrhal: Where were masks, distance in board photo?

On the front page of the July 15, 2020 Independent was a picture of a June 25 Recreation Centers of Sun City board meeting under the caption of leadership. I looked and looked and looked some more but did not see any!

Abrami: Writer agrees about removing palm trees

Kudos to Roy Sparling (“Remove tall palm trees in Sun City,” Sun City Independent, July 22, 2020).
Shannon Clancy

Clancy: Who is on the front line for families facing homelessness?

Temporary grace and an extension of Arizona’s eviction moratorium to Oct. 31 means we have more time to do our literal “home” work, but there’s no free pass or less pressure …

Johnson: Masks have value in fighting COVID

I am one of many retired RNs living in Sun City West, and like Joe Vogel, respiratory therapist of 25 years (“People do not want to catch COVID-19,” Sun City West Independent, July 8, 2020) and the rest of my colleagues, we cringe when we are out in public and still see people not wearing a mask.

Brewer: West Coast anarchy could happen in Arizona if we don’t stand against it

The insanity we’re seeing in the Pacific Northwest would have free reign to spread to the rest of the country under a prospective Biden administration.

Larsen: Signs rules seem unevenly enforced

I recently received a phone call from Recreation Centers of Sun City West officials asking me to remove two of my political yard signs.
R.H. Johnson Library Director Tracy Skousen

Skousen: Changes at R.H. Johnson Library

Over the last few months, new things are happening in the R. H. Johnson library. There have been many small and big changes and we have had to be flexible as we change our usual practices. The …

Krahenbuhl: Where is the love, kindness, compassion?

In response to Mr. Paul Johnson and Mr. George Simousek’s letters to the editor, July 15 [Sun City West Independent]. I get the impression that love, kindness, and compassion are not guiding principles in your lives.

Graham: What was the reason for the ‘parade’?

What was the reason for the ‘parade’?

Sorensen: Gathering was about showing support

Responding to Mr. Vander Mate’s article as published (“SCW gathering had only one side of issue,” Sun City West Independent, July 1, 2020), I can’t help but think he does not fully grasp the word, ridicule. The SCW/SC Democrats were demonstrating in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Brown: Context is key when looking at statistics

This response is in regards to “Letter writers should check their ‘facts’”, in the July 15 edition of the Sun City West Independent. It is Paul Johnson who needs to learn how to interpret statistical facts. He may have his numbers correct but his interpretation is erroneous.
Photo by Arianna Grainey

Independent Newsmedia launches collaborative commenting platform at yourvalley.net

The idea of maintaining civil discourse when debating public issues of the day is more than lip-service at Independent Newsmedia. At Yourvalley.net, which is powered by the work of local …

McFadden: There is no need for divisive letters

Replying to the letter written by Mr. Simousiek (“Gathering did not represent community,” Sun City West Independent, July 15, 2020), I do not understand why you degrade people because they do not share the same political party or views on racism.

Slade: Fee increase does not pass test

I was pleased to see Frank Bagnio’s letter (“Resident applauds writer,” Sun City West Independent, July 1, 2020) supporting my contention that Recreation Centers of Sun City West management does not work for the best financial benefit of Sun City West residents. Management continues to pad their “gilded nest” with top pay, benefits and perks with no inclination to control costs.

Curley: Reader wonders if writer can really help

I am, as I assume are others, sitting at home reading the latest issue of the Independent Opinion pages.

Cohen: Fact-based journalism needed now more than ever

Ever since COVID-19 began to impact our community, I have been using my Rec Center Show on KSCW Radio 103.1 to focus exclusively on the impact of this deadly virus on the Recreation Centers of Sun City West.

Watland: Reader believes club has multi concerns

In an opinion (“SCW gathering had only one side of issue,” Sun City West Independent, July 1, 2020) a person had limited the scope of the group SCW and SC Democratic Club to “Black Lives Matter” exclusively, when in reality club members are multi task, involving many more human rights issues.

Potts: RCSCW over reached after Ducey order

Here we go again, authoritarian, knee jerk, overreaction to allegedly protect us “old people” from our irresponsible selves.
Hugh Duncan is Sun City Community Assistance Network board president.

Duncan: Free benefits assistance interviews available

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”
Seema Verma

Verma: Taking action to protect America’s nursing home residents against COVID-19

Nursing homes have become ground zero in the coronavirus disease 2019 COVID-19 pandemic, with outbreaks causing high rates of illness and death among vulnerable residents living together in close …

Simousek: Gathering did not represent community

On the cover of the June 24 edition there appeared a photo that, for me, illustrated the definition of hypocrisy — four old white women holding a sign displaying BLM!

Johnson: Letter writers should check their ‘facts’

Gary Kelly and Marianne Holmes (“Showed there is too much hate,” Sun City West Independent, June 24, 2020) need to wake up and get some facts before saying “we do not see young white people getting shot on our streets.”
Mimi Rogers

Rogers: The crisis of the pandemic on individuals who have intellectual disabilities

COVID-19 poses extreme obstacles for people who have intellectual disabilities and thrive on routine, familiar activities, and people, such as family and friends. So, with everything going …
Recreation Centers of Sun City West Special Events Manager Kasey Huhta

Huhta: Streaming entertainment proving to be popular

We have reached not only the United States and Canada but have reached other countries including, Australia, Germany, Japan, Morocco, New Caledonia, Spain and United Kingdom with the streaming concerts.

Hawn: Getting cards to children was adventure

It began last April 14, the day before the original property tax filing deadline.

Benson: All factors should be considered

It is not my preoccupation to dwell nor is it my desire to mix words with the liberal Democrats.

COVID-19 will not dampen patriotic spirit

Unless some just can’t stand it and decide to do it on their own, the tones of the replica Liberty Bell in Sun City will be silent this year.

Vogel: People do not want to catch COVID-19

In the letter from Brian Reilly (“Face masks may not be helpful,” Sun City West Independent, June 24, 2020), he ends with the statement “use your freedom to decide,” meaning whether to wear a mask or not, despite the executive order by our governor for people to wear a mask in public places.

Arnopolin, Williams: Flag stolen from SCW yard

We can’t believe you stole our rainbow flag!

Vander Mate: SCW gathering had only one side of issue

Good thing the Independent is a “non-partisan” newspaper, otherwise Lord knows how many pages Ms. Jimenez might have filled with her coverage of the “March for Humanity” put on by the SC/SCW Democrats Clubs.

LAMBERTA: There is better news about COVID-19 crisis

Yes, COVID-19 by the Numbers. But what are the real numbers.

Bagnato: Resident applauds letter writer on Sun City West budget

My hat’s off to recent letter writer Tom Slade (“RCSCW officials still have some trimming to do,” Sun City West Independent, June 24, 2020), who courageously spoke up about the wasteful spending, the unnecessary dues increases and the continued, unquestioned, rubber stamping of annual operating budget requests from Sun City West administration officials.

Mitzner: Resident upset Sun City West pools not the cleanest

Am I being tested? This past week I was swimming in the pool when a guy went into my lane and ran into me striking me in the head. I immediately reacted and he moved into the next lane that was empty. He said he did not see me. Smart move for him to immediately move into the next lane, as I would be the aggressor if I attacked and defended myself.

McCarthy: Reader praises USPS office in Sun City West

I’ve been a writer for more than 40 years and I’ve used UPS, FedEx and other shippers far more than most.
Dan Shufelt

Shufelt: Never know when you might need a helping hand

When the work van pulled up in front of Arizona Helping Hands, I recognized the company name. I thought my friend Dale was coming to say hi and tour the Arizona Helping Hands facility where we …

Lamberta: There is better news about COVID-19 crisis

Yes, COVID-19 by the Numbers. But what are the real numbers.
Michael Vallante

Vallante: Supporting black-owned small businesses, entrepreneurship

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the unrest that has been taking place in some cities, the impact has been felt in every sector of our economy. There has never been a more challenging time for …

KELLY, HOLMES: Showed there is way too much hate

On the corners of R.H. Johnson Boulevard and Camino Del Sol June 15, a group of Sun City West and Sun City residents demonstrated for Black Lives Matter and all Humans.

POPLAWSKY: Sun City West residents not wearing masks

Amen to Lyn Lexvold (“Why you need to wear a mask,” Sun City West Independent, June 3, 2020), but it isn’t just businesses, Sun City West people at the dog parks, tennis courts, etc. are not wearing masks nor are they maintaining social distance.

SCHEIDT: Resident claims no COVID cases at Grandview

I am writing in reference to the letter to the editor by Thomas Bell (“More to the closures than people realize,” Sun City West Independent, June 3, 2020), a Sun City West resident.

PROVEN: Blessed to share SCW with others

As we all tire of the restrictions put upon us by this horrible virus, please remember this — we are blessed to share this community with people from several generations.

FREDRICK: New officers should do what old would not

As always, I enjoy reading comments and offering comments.
David Sheppard (Photo courtesy Just Leadership USA)

Sheppard: What Juneteenth means to me as a black man in America

This Friday, we celebrate Juneteenth --- a holiday that receives little attention but holds special significance for me as a black man in America this year. Juneteenth commemorates June 19, 1865 …

HAWN: Reader not happy with letter writer

I wasn’t pleased by Sam Elbe’s lengthy letter (“SCW residents don’t need to be ordered,” Sun City West Inependent, May 13, 2020), rambling complaints about a variety of issues highlighted by a vicious attack on our [Recreation Centers of Sun City West] general manager
Jim Rounds

Rounds: Maricopa County supervisors need to approve project, bring 1,100 jobs to Valley

During difficult economic times like these, nothing is more valuable than a good job. As an economist, I routinely advise community and business leaders on how to recruit and create more of these …

WOODS: Maskless public knows nothing about virus

No matter what store I go into there is a percentage of the patrons that are not wearing face masks. I find myself thinking, “What do these people know about COVID-19 that I don’t …

Shufelt: Tragedy befalls an amazing foster family

I met Curtis four years ago. He came to Arizona Helping Hands to receive beds, cribs, clothing, diapers, sports equipment and more to help his family. His daughter’s life had been …

SLADE: RCSCW still ‘cutting fat hog’ with funds

At a time when most organizations are tightening their belts due to business conditions, Recreation Centers of Sun City West officials are still “cutting a fat hog” with your money.

DOWNES: Reader not happy rock was stolen

Some nice and thoughtful person put a painted rock in our yard a couple of feet from the sidewalk.

Rhoden: A letter to my kids regarding #BlackLivesMatter

I last wrote a public letter to you six years ago in BKNation. During that time, in 2014, we had just moved to the Phoenix area and I was a recently minted PhD. The world at that time seemed in …

SATHER: Should RCSCW management forego pay?

During these unprecedented times many corporations, companies and businesses are struggling to survive.
Dan Shufelt

Shufelt: Putting our helping hands together for the dads

I’ve had the honor to meet some amazing dads in my work at Arizona Helping Hands. Foster dads don’t have nine months to wrap their heads around the responsibilities of parenting. They …

JONES: Did rec center officials apply for loans?

I think it’d be informational to investigate whether the Sun Cites applied for and received Paycheck Protection Program funds from the government.

BOULLE: Problem because laws are not enforced

The two gentlemen who wrote earlier about pedestrians walking in roads are spot on.
Brian Humphreys, back row, from fourth from left, and Mychol Alexander, front row left, attended the U.S. Air Force Academy together. A frank conversation between the two after the May 25 death of George Floyd at the hands of police, inspired Mr. Humphreys to speak out against racism.

Guest commentary: ‘I wanted to believe everyone was safe’

Who am I? I am a white American man. I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, a husband, a father of four, a son, a brother and a servant to our nation as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. I …

REILLY: Residents want to meet artist to verify

In response to my husband’s letter (“Was it artist sealing rocks from yard?” Sun City West Independent, May 20, 2020), both my husband and I read Suzanne Hendershot’s article of reply (“Letter writer tries to undo kindness,” Sun City West Independent, May 20, 2020).

WATSON: Volunteer does not enjoy picking up butts

I am a member of the Sun City West PRIDES team and really enjoy working every Saturday morning assisting in the trimming and clean up of the main thoroughfares through Sun City West.
Robin Schaeffer

Schaeffer: Tips on how to return to public life while minimizing health risks

We get it. After a couple months of relative seclusion, you’re probably eager to see friends and extended family, enjoy a favorite meal out of the house, and finally get that haircut …

CURLEY: No shortage of community ‘health experts’

My reading the Opinion page(s) in the recent Sun City West Independent has awakened this sleeping old dog.

VILCEK: Bin removal was only a matter of time

I don’t blame Parks & Sons for removing the recycle bins from our community and knew it was just a matter of time after seeing all the garbage and non-recyclable junk being thrown into (and around) those bins.

BELL: More to the closures then people realize

Maybe I can give the recent letter writers information about the closures at Sun City West that isn’t apparent in their letters.
Mary Lynn Kasunic

Kasunic: Social-distancing can mask elder abuse

In a year with many distractions and stressful events, we must not forget that World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15. Annually, this day highlights the issues of elder abuse and the 10% of …

Lexvold: Why you need to wear a mask

I have heard and read many complaints about wearing masks — “they infringe on my rights,” “they are hot,” “they are not necessary,” “I don’t have any symptoms,” etc.
Jennifer Chau

Chau: Fair funding, representation hinge on an accurate census count

During this pandemic, we’ve seen our communities step up for one another to help flatten the curve. While we continue to practice social distancing, one of the most impactful civic duties that …
Jody Martin

Martin: How to stop the protests

I want to explain how to stop the riots, looting and protests since no one seems to know and no one else is saying it. My son from Nigeria and my Russian/Ukrainian daughter from Ukraine thought it …

WHITE: Keep those hands washed,sanitized

I’ll try to keep my opinion short due to the undoubtedly large response to this topic you can expect to receive.

REID: Include context when publishing COVID cases

Each week the Sun City West Independent shows the item “COVID-19 By The Numbers.”

Gill: Resilience is the face of COVID-19

All can agree that we are in a crisis that is unprecedented.

WEAVER: Residents believes money is being co-mingled

Wake up Sun City West residents! Our APF is being raided.

DUNCAN: Country should go back to normal

We all initially shut down everything because there was a fear the virus would overwhelm the medical system.

ERICKSON: Rec center use would help economy

I would like to insert a personal comment on this issue.

LAMB: Important point missed in article

Thank you for your recent article (“Recycle bins taken away,” Sun City West Independent, May 13, 2020) regarding the removal of large recycle bins behind Safeway.

Arizona Eye Institute debuts trifocal implant

Sun City resident Ann Schwartz looks out the windows of her car with amazement these days.

CLAYTON: Facts missing in accusation of trespasser

Mr. Reilly (“Was it artist stealing rocks from yard?” posted on yourvalley.net May 8, 2020), I understand that the rocks you placed in your own flower garden are expensive and that they belong to you and nobody has the right to take them, even if you do live on the golf course.
Seema Verma

Verma: Got Medicare? Get a no-cost test for COVID-19

If you have Medicare and want to be tested for coronavirus disease 2019, COVID-19, the Trump Administration has good news. Medicare covers tests with no out-of-pocket costs. You can get tested in …
Marcus Johnson

Johnson, Gjersvig: How unemployed Arizonans can navigate health care coverage

The necessity of quality healthcare coverage has become abundantly clear for many Americans over the recent weeks For the one in 10 Americans now unemployed whose health insurance options were …
Vickilyn Alvey

Guest commentary: Open or close? The messy parts of living in a free country

When I was in nursing school, I was surprised to learn that “patients have a right to fall.” The concept, then, and now, was based upon a person’s right to choose due to informed …

HAWN: Finding ways to keep busy at home

Now that temperatures are triple digits, I see fewer people walking past the front of my house, none by the time I wobble out in my bathrobe to pick up the paper.
Dan Shufelt

Shufelt: Even COVID-19 won’t slow down Arizona Helping Hands

The coronavirus has shut down or slowed down many businesses throughout the United States, but the essential services provided to children in foster care by Arizona Helping Hands have continued on …

ANDREASON: Readers target of paying it forward

We were at the Dairy Queen in Sun City West April 24, a golf car pulled up in line the same time we did.
Marc Lamber

Lamber: Lawsuits expected as Arizona businesses reopen

Now that commerce is resuming across Arizona, business owners are entering into uncharted territory taking a risk that customers and employees will catch COVID-19 at the business. If that happens, …
John and Suzanne Hendershot have been leaving behind kindness rocks through the Sun City West community.

HENDERSHOT: Letter writer tries to undo kindness

This is in reference to a letter (“Was it artist stealing rocks from yard?” posted on yourvalley.net May 8, 2020) by Sun City West resident Brian Reilly.
Nikki Julien

Julien: Less lawn equals more wildlife

Here in Phoenix our summer months are not known as gardening weather but there’s important work to do in the yard this year --- remove your lawn. You probably already consider this every …
Seema Verma

Verma: Thank you to all on the front lines of the pandemic

On behalf of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, I’d like to thank all those who work in nursing facilities --- doctors, nurses, food preparers, housekeepers and others --- for …

KENNY: It will take to July for ‘normalcy’

Adding up sequential steps needed to open Sun City West, I came up with eight weeks from today, or roughly a July opening for rec centers and chartered clubs.

BAGNATO: Stand firm on original position

It is most unfortunate that letter writer Joyce Krahenbuhl (“Grateful that RCSCW facilities closed,’ Sun City West Independent, April 29, 2020) had to resort to a not-so-thinly-disguised personal insult in her letter.

ELBE: SCW residents don’t need to be ordered

We do not need some recreation manager telling adults what is good for them.

REILLY: Was it artist stealing rocks from yard?

Your recent newspaper article (“Painted rocks inspire kindness in Sun City West,” Sun City West Independent, May 6, 2020), which was delivered to our home May 5, 2020, was very surprising.
Arizona Supreme Court, 1501 W. Washington St., No. 411, Phoenix.

Sun Cities waiting to be heard by court

Most of you are aware Sun City Home Owners Association has pending an appeal from a decision of the Arizona Corporation Commission concerning the forced consolidation of wastewater districts.
Jan Brewer

Brewer: President Trump's immigration pause is patriotic

Whenever anyone questions the wisdom of allowing large-scale illegal immigration, the first thing we invariably hear from the open-borders left is that it will outrage Hispanic-Americans. More often …
Darius Amiri

Amiri: Supreme Court may vote soon on the plight of 'Dreamers'

While the nation’s focus is rightfully on the COVID-19 crisis, another crisis looming for a large group of young people. Dreamers are living a nightmare as they wait for the federal government …

KOSMOSKI: Changed mind about golf courses

Why are the golf courses closed?

POTTS: Writer clarifies some items in response letter

I do not want to belabor the issue of swimming pool lane usage, but I must help clarify what has been said.
Sen. Sylvia Allen

Allen: Arizona education and the CARES Act

As chair of the Arizona Senate Education Committee, I passionately work toward bettering the education of every child in the state and I fully support Arizona parents and their school choice rights, …

Shufelt: Supporting Arizona's children during Foster Care Awareness Month

Governor Doug Ducey has again issued a proclamation declaring the month of May to be Foster Care Awareness Month. The governor urges “all citizens to do something positive to improve the …
Zach Shaw

Shaw: Caregivers key to fighting COVID-19

Older adults, with diminished immune systems due to aging and with pre-existing conditions, are much more vulnerable to COVID-19 than the general population. In-home caregivers can help prevent …

POLLOCK: Time to talk about reductions

Thank you to the writer (“More closure means less assessment,” Sun City West Independent, April 8, 2020) speaking out on fees on something that affects us all in Sun City West.

KRAHENBUHL: Grateful that RCSCW facilities closed

I am responding specifically to letters from Judy Gilpin (“Country open to attack by shutdown,” Sun City West Independent, April 8, 2020) and Frank Bagnato (“Outdoor activities must be open,” Sun City West Independent, April 8, 2020).

Wolfe: Keeping peace at home while everyone is online

Now that most of us are working and learning from home, you may be noticing that some websites may be a bit slow to load, and you may experience intermittent buffering when streaming video. While …

Sun City West golfers need to be thankful for time had

I see in the Independent many comments from golfers who are upset at the rec board for finally shutting things down. Dammed if you do or if you don’t.

Duncan: CAN offers help with APS bills in Sun Cities

The mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Harte: RCSCW should allow use of amenities in Sun City West

Activities such as swimming, golf, walking and working out at the gym are the foundation for a senior lifestyle that protects seniors from being vulnerable to poor health and will provide a healthy resistance to a virus.
Aaron Blocher-Rubin

Blocher-Rubin: Potential adverse impact of unemployment claims on self-insured nonprofits

During these uncertain times, the economic impact of coronavirus-driven cancelations, postponements and shutdowns continues mounting. This is especially daunting for many nonprofit organizations …

Coon: Sun City West golf course decision could be bad

The recently announced golf course closures at Sun City West has been heralded as an appropriate step to help stem the spread of COVID-19.
Sun City West PRIDES member Bruce Kilbride tends to plants in the median on R.H. Johnson Boulevard.

Lee: Reader hopes new plants in Sun City West won’t be ugly

I recently noticed yellow tape around some of the plants in the median on R.H. Johnson Boulevard.
U.S. Sen. Martha McSally

McSally: CARES Act a lifeboat for Arizona’s small businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of the Arizona economy and employ over one million Arizonans. These hard-working Arizonans often put everything they have into building their businesses from scratch …

Heger: RCSCW continues steps to halt virus in Sun City West

As you all have probably heard, the Recreation Centers of Sun City West officials closed the golf courses as of end of day April 13.
Seema Verma

Verma: Getting medical care in your home during the pandemic

At Medicare, we understand you may have concerns about going to your doctor’s office during the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Like so many Americans, our Medicare beneficiaries …

Reid: Practice those safety measures to stop spread in Sun City West

For the hangout groups that use the outside tables at the market and ice cream shop in Sun City West, do you know that math is a exact science?

Bley: Inaccuracies in letter about swimming in Sun City West

I am writing to correct inaccuracies in the letter (“Disagree about sharing lanes n pools,” Sun City West Independent, April 1, 2020) responding to a previous article (“Swimming with courtesy is the best choice,” Sun City Independent, March 18, 2020).

Pappas: Safe to play golf in Sun City West under proper conditions

There seems to be a couple of readers that do not want to see the golf courses open in Sun City West during this pandemic.

Verstraete: Keep them out of store shopping carts in Sun City West

Today’s letters to the editor (“Do not bring children to SCW stores,” Sun City West Independent, April 1, 2020) mentions children at the Fry’s store.

Anderson: Thank you offered to essential workers in Sun City West

Let’s all stop to appreciate and say “thank you” to our overlooked essential service providers.