Yes To Children: Committing to a continued focus, awareness on Scottsdale Schools


As co-chairs of Yes To Children, we can think of no better way to celebrate our organization’s 20-year anniversary of supporting SUSD than to announce our renewed commitment to the school district’s students and teachers.

The overwhelming success of the SUSD budget override last November proved that when citizens are reminded of the critical role SUSD’s quality schools play in our community, residents respond positively. More than six out of 10 voters chose to renew the override --- which was a new record of voter support for the school district.

Yes To Children is proud to have led the campaign.

It was a true grassroots campaign driven by passionate volunteers --- including parents, teachers, community leaders and education advocates. Students pitched in, too.

The campaign was fortunate to have the endorsements of a wide range of people and organizations as well as generous sponsorships from the business community. They all contributed to the campaign’s success.

Following the campaign, our steering committee agreed that if an intense four-month effort produced such significant support for SUSD, just imagine how much support for the school district we could generate with an ongoing effort.

Our organization intends to seize the momentum created during the override election. Our objectives are to carry on the campaign to increase awareness about the excellent job SUSD is doing to help children excel and to expand support for the school district and its students and teachers.

Yes To Children was established in 2000. Over the years, thousands of volunteers have contributed to help SUSD become one of the highest rated school districts in the state of Arizona.

Our mission continues to be one of creating an educational environment that helps SUSD students succeed.

We hope the community will join Yes To Children in continuing our advocacy for SUSD not only during bond and budget override elections, but also through 2020 and beyond.

Editor’s Note: Melinda Gulick and Denny Brown are co-chairs of Yes To Children, a non-profit organization and political action committee.