Chrissy Sayare of TBC gets inducted in Vogue100 Group


Chrissy Sayare, co-founder and CEO of luxury resale brand To Be Continued, was recently selected to join Vogue Magazine’s exclusive Vogue100 group.

Vogue100 is a curated list of distinctive creative voices from around the globe, encompassing actors, artists, musicians, athletes, stylists, activists, chefs, choreographers, videographers, beauty fanatics and glamour girls, according to a press release.

Ms. Sayare was selected because of her growth in the luxury consignment world and her dedication to sustainable fashion, the release said, citing her belief in the “circular economy of fashion.”

The core principle of TBC’s business model,  Ms. Sayare maintains that “outfits aren’t worn just once and cast aside but rather are given the opportunity to be acquired and loved by new fashion afficionados, thus extending the life of each designer item.”

“To say it’s an honor to be selected as part of the Vogue100 group is an understatement,” said Ms. Sayare in a prepared statement.

“I rub shoulders with some of the most wildly-creative and amazing people from around the globe. It’s a hugely inspiring group of people. We recently had the quintessential 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s' event at Tiffany & Co. in New York where we got to share ideas and make connections.”

From a very early age, the top luxury resale brand CEO knew how to pull elements from her wardrobe and put them into stylish ensembles, the release said. 

In 2014, TBC opened its first boutique in Scottsdale, catering to high-end clients looking to buy and sell previously-owned designer goods, supporting the sustainable fashion movement with boutiques in multiple states and cities including Los Angeles and Dallas.

TBC offers a highly-curated collection of designer items from rare vintage pieces to contemporary haute design houses with the most popular including Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton, detailed the release.

Ms. Sayare travels extensively to source from the “most distinguished closets in the world and build her offerings to her fashion-loving clients,” the release said, adding that iems are sold in luxury environments akin to the most posh international designer boutiques.

In addition to its four brick-and-mortar locations, TBC sells merchandise at