Tammy Caputi

Q&A: Caputi puts forward ideas to invest in Scottsdale’s diversity

Diversity is not a zero-sum game, Scottsdale council candidate Tammy Caputi says, pointing out all groups of people can be equally respected.

Q&A: Little proposes stronger Scottsdale council, commission relationships

John Little says if he is elected to Scottsdale City Council this November, he wants to develop a stronger relationship between the governing body and the city’s Human Relations Commission. …

Q&A: Durham outlines his thoughts on Scottsdale’s diversity

Scottsdale City Council candidate Tom Durham, a lawyer by trade, sees value in adding representation from across the city to municipal boards and commissions. While the topic of diversity has …
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Scottsdale school board candidates comment on inclusion in the schools

Scottsdale Unified School District board hopefuls discuss their thoughts on diversity and equity curriculum throughout the district. Since late May, the topic of race in this country has been …
Tammy Caputi

Scottsdale council candidate Tammy Caputi side-steps Prop 207 questions

Scottsdale City Council candidate Tammy Caputi will not provide insight onto her feelings about recreational marijuana or Prop. 207. As part of Independent Newsmedia’s weekly Q&A series, …

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Independent influence: Non-party voters are shaping Arizona’s election landscape

A purple state refers to a region where the Democratic and Republican parties receive an analogous range of support.

Pivotal November election hangs future prosperity of Scottsdale in balance

With the upcoming November mayoral election drawing near, Scottsdale residents may be wondering what the final two candidates have to say over some hot topic issues that are pressing in the …

McCormick: Kurland is the ‘real deal’

I am a retired COO of one of America’s large law firms, headquartered in Arizona. I have lived here for over 20 years. I care a lot about this community, our economy, and Arizona’s …

Whitmer: Can Scottsdale trust Ortega?

Having known David Ortega for more than 25 years, he has always been a bit of an exaggerator, but lately his qualification claims are more like the Jon Lovitz’ pathological liar skit. First, …

Weeshoff: 3 Scottsdale Schools candidates to vote for

The most important races in an election are often the down ballot races. These races are nonpartisan and they are frequently the ones that affect our community the most. One of those is the …
Don Henninger, executive director of SCOTT

Henninger: Scottsdale voters can follow the road map

A note and some perspective for voters to consider in this year’s Scottsdale elections, and the one likely to come up next November, too.

Marchant: A ‘Little’ perspective

With our entire country seemingly at a crossroads, it can be hard to imagine a more polarized situation then the 2020 election. On all levels and on all sides, we are seeing not only additional …